JQ Wood

Still more photos
This descending dove was carved from basswood and gilded.  It is on the altar of St. Theresa's Catholic Church in Presidio, TX.  NFS
A mantle clock carved from basswood and stained.  The hour markers are gilded.  NFS
INRI classic Christian cross carved from basswood. 
High Heel sculpted vessel from root burl of red tip photinia.  NFS
Odd Man Out sculpted vessel from root burl of red tip photinia.  SOLD
Battle of Wood and Nature sculpted vessel from silver leaf maple.  SOLD
Masonic Clock in basswood and gilded square and compasses.  Since there are many different kinds of hands, they have not been added for this photo.  
Eastern Star Clock in basswood, painted star points. 
Celtic Maltese Cross in basswood, stained.  SOLD
Simple Celtic Cross in basswood. 
INRI Christian Cross in basswood, stained with gilded letters.
Celtic Cross with chi rho in basswood with clear finish. 
Sculpted vessel from red tip photinia branch.  It would make a lovely centerpiece on a table or an accent piece.  For Sale at JQ Wood on etsy.com.
Contemporary Celtic Clock in basswood, stained in brown mahogany.  The design is comprised of six continuous lines.  For Sale at JQ Wood on etsy.com.
Sculpted vessel from red gum.  It would make a nice nut dish. This one is not for sale, but I can make one for you!
Clock made by commission.  Basswood with light stain on bottom half to highlight design and owner's initials.
Another clock made by commission.  Painted basswood.  I never use paint, but this was a special gift for a little boy that loves clocks and stars.
Starting with these five logs, I thought I might make an angel.  Discarded the two shorter logs and wound up with the angel in the next picture.
The wings are made of silver leaf maple from a neighbor's tree.  The body is cedar elm from Austin, TX.  SOLD
"Old Warrior,,,wounded, mended, on my own two legs"  Carved from the stump of a mulberry tree from my backyard.  On view at Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in Grapevine, TX.
"Round Triptych: Nightfall"  From Bradford pear from a neighbor's yard.  See the big dipper?  SOLD

This piece of a willow tree told me it wanted to be a bowl.  The finished piece said "Call me Willow Bowl.  Thank you."  
Quite often a piece of wood just begs to be used for something.  Several clocks similar to these have just been completed and are listed on Etsy.  Please go to jqwood on Etsy to see more.
One of my neighbors lost a Bradford pear tree, and I gained some nice-sized pieces of wood to work with.  This bowl turned out to be 14" in diameter and 10" tall. SOLD.
It is amazing what you can find on the shoulder of the road.  Not the bowl, just the log it was made from.  It is 13" wide at the widest point and 10" tall.  The butterfly's wings are red-tip photinia and the body is ebony.  SOLD
Several people have looked at this and could not see the elephants.  Fewer still see the hearts and the love between mother and child.  Carved from basswood, 10" H x 6" w x 2.25" deep. SOLD
So where does a man put his wallet, keys, change, etc., at the end of the day?  This piece of spalted silver leaf maple provides the perfect place to keep all the essentials in one spot. A commissioned piece.  NFS
For the avid Longhorn fan, a centerpiece for the coffee table.  A piece of silver leaf maple, 14" X 10" X 5" deep.  A commissioned piece.  NFS.